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Length: 5 minutes

Welcome to the Night Photography tutorial

2. RAW file development

Length: 9 minutes

Now let’s get to the photos.
For viewing pictures I use Adobe Bridge, for development – Camera Raw converter – built-in Adobe Photoshop converter.
If you’re more used to working in Lightroom, you can use it. These two converters, Camera Raw and Lightroom, work on the same engine and almost all of the available features overlap.

8. Color correction

Length: 19 minutes

Now we come to my favorite part of the work – working with color.
With color, we can make our work more unique and unrepeatable.

9. LAB mode

Length: 15 minutes

The mode in which we worked – Prophoto RGB has a large color range and gives us great opportunities for working with photography.
But in Adobe Photoshop there is another mode that interprets colors in its own way and gives us other possibilities for working with photos.

10. Enhancements

Length: 22 minutes

There are a few more items left in our retouching.
The techniques that we will look at in this part will not only help us make the main subject of photography brighter and more interesting, but also add attractiveness and originality to our photos.